Salary Data

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Salary Rankings

Salary Rankings by degree are calculated using data submitted annually by school districts to the Tennessee Education Association’s Research and Information Services Division through its “Survey of Local Annual Salaries for Classroom Teachers.”  Rankings are calculated for the minimum, 15-year experience and maximum steps in the five experience lanes used in the Tennessee Department of Education’s Basic Education Program Salary Schedule.

The State Salary Schedule is comprised of five experience columns (BA, MA, MA +30, EdS, and Doctorate) and 21 steps that credit years of service.  School system schedules range from three to twelve columns and from 16 to 46 service steps.  By selecting specific benchmarks, these ranking tables allow a comparison between school systems.

All systems submitted their salary schedule for the 2011-12 school year.

For 2011-12 a 1.6% salary increase was provided on the state minimum salary schedule.  Thirty-five systems provided a full 1.6% increase and 43 of 136 systems received a salary increase greater than a full 1.6% increase.  Fifty-seven systems received the minimum 1.6% increase on the state minimum schedule and one system received no increase over their 2010-11 schedule.

For the 2010-11 school year, Tennessee’s average classroom teacher salaries ranged from a low of $38,483 to a high of $57,242.  Again, only 22 school systems have average salaries higher than the statewide average of $45,891.  Between 2009-10 and 2010-11, the statewide average classroom teacher salary increased by only .64 percent, while the average salary for directors increased 1.40 percent.

Since 2004-05, classroom teachers’ average salary has increased 9.08 percent, principals’ 10.46 percent and the average director’s salary increased 15.30 percent.