Tennessee Education Association

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Instructional and Professional Development Commission

The duties of the Instruction and Professional Development Commission are to:

  • Determine the instructional concerns of Tennessee education personnel and assist local education associations in effectively addressing those concerns
  • Work for improved standards and high quality licensing for educators, and advocate the need for increased involvement of professionals, especially classroom teachers, in the certification/licensure process.
  • Provide leadership in the improved accreditation of teacher education institutions and promote active participation by practitioners in accreditation.
  • Monitor the educational activities of governmental agencies and other agencies that have impact on instruction, school improvement and professional development.
  • Provide information, resource materials, and research on critical instructional and professional development activities.
  • Seek improvements to educator  in‑service procedures and access to ongoing professional development opportunities.
  • Encourage skilled individuals to earn a teaching license and promote the retention of capable licensed educators in Tennessee
  • Encourage capable individuals to enter the non-teaching occupations in education and promote retention of these employees.

Staff Liasions:
         Terrace Gibson
         Rhonda Thompson

Board Liasion:
         Tammy Linder