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TEA's Legal Services has several attorneys on staff plus retained legal counsel to assist in special situations. Legal Services assists members in resolving employment-related disputes and advises TEA governance, staff and local associations on legal issues affecting education and the organization. Legal Services also administers the association liability insurance policy and the TEA/NEA Educator's Employment Liability insurance policy. This policy provides each member with $1,000,000 in coverage (see below). NEA covers one half of the legal fees for certain approved cases.

Don't enter the classroom without liability insurance and legal advocates. TEA's million dollar Educator's Employment Liability (EEL) policy is the best there is and only Association members get it. The policy covers such things as a suit brought against you by parents over a corporal punishment incident, injuries to students under your supervision, etc. A TEA member's legal protection doesn't stop there with liability insurance.


There are many legal cases that have nothing to do with liability. Charges of unprofessional conduct, neglect of duty, inappropriate dismissal, etc. fall into the realm of TEA Legal Services. TEA's staff attorneys address these issues as well as licensing problems, civil rights violations, discrimination and other legal issues.