Tennessee Education Association

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State Board Of Education Contact Committee

The duties of the TEA State Board of Education Contact Committee are to:

  • Communicate with State Board of Education members on a regular basis and become resources for the SBE on matters within the board’s jurisdiction
  • Monitor all quarterly meeting of the State Board of Education and any special call meetings of importance to our membership
  • Keep the membership involved and informed on State Board of Education issues, policies, rules, standards, and agenda items
  • On issues of importance, encourage members to communicate directly with their State Board of Education member
  • Make recommendations for the TEA Board to consider relative to any area of responsibility of the State Board of Education
  • Receive recommendations from the membership, TEA Board, Legislative Editing Committee, or staff relative to matters within the board’s jurisdiction
  • Communicate with the public via media and personal contact about the immediate and long-range effects of the actions taken by the State Board of Education

Staff Liaison:

        Terrance Gibson 


        Jeanette Omarkhail