Tennessee Education Association

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NEA Concerns Committee

The duties of the NEA Concerns Committee are to:

  • Recommend Board and/or Representative Assembly delegate action on NEA Constitution, Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Resolutions
  • Assist in writing and editing of convention delegate handbook
  • Recommend procedures for conducting state delegation meetings
  • Recommend procedures for the election of any positions such as delegates, Resolutions Committee members, etc.
  • Plan and conduct orientation meetings for delegates
  • Assist in interpreting new business items at convention
  • Keep TEA delegates informed on convention activities
  • Propose plans to the TEA Board for any actions or procedures relative to the NEA Convention
  • Fulfill any other assignments given by the Board
  • Arrange for a visitor to the Tennessee delegation from international guests of NEA when possible


Staff Liaison:
        Jessica Holmes

        Tanya T. Coats