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Parent Involvement is Crucial, but “Parent-Trigger” is Not the Answer

By Gera Summerford

The new film “Won’t Back Down” introduces a new-to-most concept of parent-trigger laws – laws that enable parents at a school to call for the firing of teachers, closing the school, or turning it over to a private charter school operator.

The film suggests that the best way for parents to improve their child’s education is to use the parent-trigger law to “take over” the school and hand control over to a charter school. The film never takes into account the reality that parent-trigger laws have no track record of success.

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Delegates to the 2012 TEA Representative Assembly passed a new business item requiring members who wish to continue to receive teach as a printed publication mailed to their homes to indicate this preference. Members who do not indicate they wish to receive a printed copy of each issue of teach will receive future issues electronically, provided TEA has a current email address for them.

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TEA Statement: State Overreaches Again, Impedes Local Control

The Tennessee Department of Education’s decision this week to withhold more than $3 million from Metro Nashville Public Schools is yet another example of the state overreaching and taking control away from locally elected school boards.

“It is disappointing, but not surprising, that the department is punishing a local school board for doing what it thinks is best for its community,” said Gera Summerford, Sevier County math teacher and TEA president. “Just this spring the state was adamant about the importance of local control for student success in Tennessee’s public schools.”

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TEA Response to Teacher Evaluation in Tennessee: A Report on Year 1 Implementation

The Year 1 Report on implementation of Tennessee’s new teacher evaluation system makes some noteworthy observations and recommendations, including the following statement:

“Most teachers in Tennessee are performing at a high level as measured by their impact on student achievement.  The majority of teachers in the state are not simply adequate, but exceed expectations against high standards.”