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TEA Rally Update: Changes to House Committee Schedule

The House Education Committee has changed its meeting schedule for the week of April 1. The committee is now scheduled to meet on Tuesday at 8:30 a.m., and Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. The House Education Subcommittee has closed for the session and will no longer be meeting.

TEA still plans to host its final "Educators' Day on the Hill" rally on Tuesday, April 2. In addition to scheduled 9:30 briefing and shuttle to the hill, we will also provide transportation to the 8:30 a.m. committee meeting for those of you who are able to arrive earlier.

Test Time in TN is Fast Approaching

In the weeks to come schools will be conducting TCAP assessments.  It’s a tense time for everyone, and teachers should be sensitive to issues such as student special needs, testing environment and security.  When a violation is suspected, from teacher or student, officials must report it to the state so it’s important to follow all procedures.  Systems also have their own policies in place that expand state guidelines and teachers are required to know what procedures will be used in their school.

Consider these ideas to assist you in preparing your students:

Rep. Pitts Stands Up for Public Education, Teachers

Rep. Joe Pitts made the following speech in a House Education Committee meeting during the debate on HB 0190, the private school voucher bill. Please take the time to read through his remarks and share them with your colleagues, friends and family.


Thank you Mr. Chairman.  As my colleagues know I am not usually given to speeches on issues but the events of the past few weeks on this issue compel me to speak out.  I cannot be silent any longer.

TEA Legislation Calls for Fair, Strong and Simple Evaluation System

The most important issue for TEA and its members is to make common sense changes to the evaluation system so that it is something in which teachers can have faith.  A poll of 450 teachers conducted by TEA in October showed tremendous distrust of the current evaluation system, with 61 percent of teachers disapproving of the system, and 28 percent in favor.

Join TEA Legislative Rallies This Spring

TEA is planning three big “Day on the Hill” rally days.  Let’s show legislators that we are still watching them and we care about the changes they are imposing on public education. Come join your colleagues on the Hill and bring friends, children and family members with you!

Report to the TEA building at 9:30 on one of these days:

March 12, 2013
March 19, 2013
April 2, 2013