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TEA Challenges State Proposal to Tie Licensure to Test Scores

The Tennessee Education Association is challenging the Department of Education and the State Board of Education on their continued pursuit of tying all facets of public education to student test data – teacher license advancement and renewal being the latest addition. The State Board of Education will vote on a proposal from Commissioner Kevin Huffman on Friday to tie teacher licensure to TVAAS (Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System) scores.

Six TEA Members Named Finalists for 2014 Teacher of the Year

The Tennessee Department of Education recently announced the finalists for the 2014 Teacher of the Year. Six of the nine teachers named are TEA members, including West Tennessee finalists Melissa Collins (Memphis) and Kay Hart (Henderson); Middle Tennessee finalists Laurie Mauldin (Williamson), Melissa McClure (Giles) and Judy Schinbeckler (Putnam); and East Tennessee finalist Christopher Bowen (Johnson City).

The state issued the following news release:

TEA op-ed: It is Time We Stand Up for Tennessee Schools

The following op-ed column by TEA President Gera Summerford was distributed statewide:

A 2012 survey of Tennessee voters reveals that while people believe their local schools are strong, quality schools, they do not feel the same way about the schools outside their community. Is this a direct result of the constant stream of negative rhetoric coming out of Nashville from some state legislators and our own Department of Education?

TEA Stands up to State Board on Behalf of TN Educators

The State Board of Education held a special meeting today, June 21, to discuss and vote on proposed changes to the state minimum salary schedule (SMSS). While the Board did approve Commissioner Huffman's proposal, there were several victories to celebrate today thanks to your hundreds  of calls, emails and presence at the meeting. TEA also presented a petition to the Board signed by more than 6,000 educators and supporters of public education.

TEA Honors Outstanding Teachers, Supporters of Public Education

The Tennessee Education Association presented awards to Tennessee educators and supporters of public education at TEA’s Annual Awards Luncheon this month.

TEA recognized the 2012-13 Distinguished Educators. This year’s winners are teachers Ashley Croft (Metro Nashville), Lauryn England (Metro Nashville), Josephine Hammond (Shelby County), Sarah Harper (Memphis), Bobby McCulley (Marion County), Teri Mize (Giles County), Kenzi Neuman (Clarksville-Montgomery), administrator Kim Lampkins (Shelby County), and education support professional Benita Townsend (Robertson County).

TEA Op-ed: Praise Teachers

Public education reform has been a hot-button topic at both the state and federal levels for several years.  When the Bush Administration passed No Child Left Behind (NCLB), the plan called for every student in every public school achieving specific learning goals by 2014.  Since the passage of NCLB, we have seen an increase in standardized and high-stakes tests across the nation and here in Tennessee, since many reformers believe the only way to measure student achievement is through testing. 

Sometimes we get so focused on test scores we fail to see some very important truths: