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TEA Spring Symposium

TEA's Spring SymposiumåÊis an annual two day instruction and professional development event and is designed to provide a challenging and invigorating experience for TEA members who want to strengthen their teaching performance through the creation and maintenance of professional learning. This Symposium attracts 300 TEA members each year and is an excellent opportunity to attend quality professional development sessions, enjoy keynote speakers, and spend time with fellow educators from across the state.

Summer Leadership Academy

TheåÊSummer Leadership AcademyåÊwill prime each local with knowledge about current education changes and skills to plan how to deal with those changes locally.åÊTheåÊAcademyåÊis typically scheduled each June, at the Cool Springs Embassy Suites in Franklin, TN.
View the resources from the 2013 Summer Leadership Academy. (You will be prompted to log into the website.)

TEA Professional Development Workshops

TEA workshops that make a difference to teachers and education support professionals are available throughåÊTEA's Instruction and Professional Development.To request a workshop:åÊTEA members can contactåÊtheir local Association IPD Committee, president, UniServ Coordinator or TEA'såÊåÊIPD directlyåÊåÊor call 615.242.8392, Ext. 319åÊor 800.342.8367, Ext. 319. There is a minimum number of participants required due to the high demand for TEA's groundbreaking professional development.

Human Relations

The A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s of Conflict ResolutionåÊThis workshop provides an exploration of strengthening social justice, student learning, teaching, and safe schools through conflict resolution and mediation.

Instruction Strategies

Best Practices with Middle School StudentsåÊThis professional development will involve taking a close look at the development of 12 to 15 year-old students (social behavior, language, and cognitive growth) and how growth patterns interrelate with teaching strategies and student learning. Consideration will also be given to the structure and use of the school day, motivation of students and tips on how to involve and inform parents.åÊ(Teachers and administrators of middle school students)