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Instruction Strategies


Best Practices 
This professional development will involve taking a close look at the development of 12 to 15 year-old students (social behavior, language, and cognitive growth) and how growth patterns interrelate with teaching strategies and student learning. Consideration will also be given to the structure and use of the school day, motivation of students and tips on how to involve and inform parents. 
(Teachers and administrators of middle school students)

Critical Thinking: Strategies and Practices for Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in the Classroom 
Knowing the "facts" will be insufficient for our survival and success in the 21st Century. In this information age, productive citizens will be those who can bring well-developed critical thinking skills to bear on the challenges and problems of the day. This workshop provides an introduction to strategies for teaching critical thinking in all subject areas. 
(All teachers, all grade levels) 

I Can Do It - Classroom Management
TEA is proud to bring this top-notch classroom management training to Tennessee. School administrators and the teachers' association in San Bernardino, California, created "I Can Do It" to help new teachers successfully manage their classrooms. As new teachers enter the classroom they are faced with closing the achievement gap and the challenge of creating a learning environment in which all students can learn. This powerful interactive 6 hour session gives participants a wealth of practical ideas and strategies that can be immediately infused in their classrooms. Topics include: 

    • Getting to Know Your Students 
    • Rules and Routines 
    • Reinforcements 
    • Polishing Your Techniques 
    • Smoothly Flowing Classrooms 
    • Hints, Transitions, Sponges 
    • Communication Styles 
    • Home and School Communication 
    • Dealing with Difficult Behavior

(Teachers with 1-5 years of experience, all grade levels) 
Reaching the Struggling Learner 
Who are the struggling learners in your classroom? Not all struggling learners need special education services. Struggling learners are found all along the learning continuum. This session will look at both the emotional and academic needs of the student who struggles. Strategies for meeting the needs of such students will be shared and discussed. 
(All teachers, all grade levels)