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Reaching 20/20 Vision with #RedForEd

We have big goals as an association because there are big needs for our students and classrooms. To achieve our 20/20 Vision, we need educators across the state engaged more than ever before. 

TEA has been successful in recent years persuading the Tennessee General Assembly to reduce the impact of state testing and include significant increases in public education funding in the state budget, but there is still much work to be done. 

To continue this good work and get across the 2020 finish line, we must increase our visibility, educate allies on the issues impacting our classrooms and engage in meaningful conversations with elected officials.

Here is a list of easy and fun actions you can take to join the fight to achieve our 20/20 Vision.

1. Wear RED every Wednesday and on TEA’s #RedforEd challenge days (Next one: Monday, March 4). Take a selfie or group picture with colleagues, and post it to your social media profiles with the hashtags #RedforEd,  #TN2020Vision and your local’s hashtag.

2. Make plans now to attend TEA Civication on the Tuesday of your Spring Break. TEA will reimburse you for mileage and provide a hotel room for those traveling more than 50 miles from Nashville. Civication is the perfect opportunity for face-to-face time with the elected leaders who make decisions that directly impact your classroom. 

3. Complete the “I’m in!” form online to let TEA you are all in and indicate the actions you are willing to participate in. Click the “Take action” link located at 
TEAteachers.org/2020Vision to complete the form. Be sure to share the form with your colleagues, friends, family and other supporters of public education. This is not just for members of TEA!

4. Make regular contact with your legislators a priority. Phone calls and emails from educators back  home can make the difference in how legislators vote on crucial issues like private school vouchers, testing, association attacks and increasing funding. Remember to start each contact with something positive! In addition to legislators, it is important to also prioritize regular communication with your colleagues in your building. Make sure everyone is informed on what is happening in the legislature and hold each other accountable for staying engaged in the fight!

5. Submit a “Member Voices” column about why you are all in for the 20/20 Vision campaign. Columns will appear in this space in future issues of The Advocate. Please email achaney@tnea.org for more information on how to submit a column. 

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