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How to Inspire Your Students to Read this Summer

Some teachers like to get back all their classroom library books before the school year ends. I was not that teacher. Check ‘em out, read ‘em, and share ‘em. A dog-eared, weathered book returned in fall (or not) is an ideal book in my book.

And we all know this: when kids independently read during June, July and August, it works wonderfully against what’s known as Summer Slide.

And here's another reason why I didn’t mind checking out books over the summer, and even not getting some returned: I’ve had the opportunity over the last two years to ask about a hundred students at an urban middle school (many who are English learners) how many books they have in their homes. “Oh, lots!” some will answer. When I ask these students how many books exactly, they will answer at most 10, maybe 15. Sometimes they answer less, or they tell me "none." Often times these are books they’ve already read or are books for small children.

This is a problem.

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