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First Steps

You've decided there is a need for a committee, members have been appointed, a chairperson has been selected, now what?  These first steps will help get things rolling in your committee.

Upon appointment of the committee and the selection of the chairperson, an early organizational meeting should be called. The chairperson, in cooperation with the president, should call the first meeting. The first meeting should be utilized to:

  • Select a chair if not appointed by the president

  • Organize

  • Select a secretary

  • Decide upon a specific action program

  • Discuss assignments

  • Delegate duties

  • Set up a time schedule

  • Set tentative meeting dates for the year    

As an arm of the organization, the committee must have a clear-cut purpose which implements the general purpose of the group.  The president who appointed the committee must share the following with the committee:

  • The need for the committee

  • The specific end results desired from the committee

  • The knowledge of resources, including himself/herself, available to the committee

  • The deadline, if there is one, for final conclusion of the assignment

  • The method, routine, system, or timing mutually acceptable for making progress reports

  • The relationships of the successful completion of the assignment to the program or progress of the local     

Each committee, after its first meeting, should submit a written report to the Executive Committee about plans formulated, dates for action, and funds needed from the association budget.

The executive committee of the association should plan an organizational committee conference each year in the late spring or early summer. It should require and assist committees to define their immediate and long-range objectives. It should also review committee plans as necessary and settle any jurisdictional argument between committees.

Committees should be supplied with all pertinent resource materials. In most instances, helpful materials from TEA and NEA are available. The budget should contain funds for each standing committee to purchase needed supplies and materials. The president should check with chairpersons on their needs.

All standing committees should understand the objectives and programs of corresponding units of the state and national associations seek the expertise available at these levels.

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