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Committee Size

There is no magic number to guarantee the success of a committee. The size of the committee will depend upon several factors:

  • The nature of its work

  • The area of its responsibility

  • The size of the local association

  • The experience of the committee members in the issue being considered.

Careful consideration should be given to the number who serve on a committee to accomplish the job effectively and efficiently. Multiples of three provide an easy basis for three year appointments, allowing one-third of the committee to be replaced each year. During the initial year of appointment, one-third should be appointed for one year terms, one-third for two year terms, and one third for full three year terms. This procedure also prevents the incumbent president from being accused of controlling or "stacking" the committee through his/her appointments.

The committee should not be so small that its members are overworked, but should not be so large that it is cumbersome. A standing committee should have at least as many members as it has subcommittees. All committees should be kept small enough to be manageable, functional and efficient. Generally, three to nine members are adequate, but larger associations may need additional committee members.

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