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2013-14 Evaluation
Evaluation Procedures



As all educators know, there were many problems with the new evaluation system implemented by the state in the 2011-12 school year.

In an effort to address some of those problems, Rutherford County Schools applied to the state for "flexibility" in how the district will conduct educator evaluations in the 2013-14 school year.

The state department of education did grant flexibilty in some areas and the district has develped a new evaluation procedure for the upcoming school year. This new procedure does not start form scratch.  It utilizes much of the original TEAM evaluation plan with some notable changes. 

An area of flexibilty will be in the number of observations themselves.  For the 2013-14 school year "5 level" teachers' principals have the option of shortening their number of formal observations this year  plus some informal walk-throughs.

Please  read the entire Evaluation Procedure and its options for number and length of observations on the rcschools.net website or talk to TEA uniserv for guidence.


The Grievance forms and procedures are listed here for your use. Please look them over and contact your REA Building Rep or an executive team member to help you with this process.


As a recap, the evaluation was comprised of three components –  50% qualitative  (observations, planning, environment, professionalism), and 50% quantitative -the 15% achievement measure and the 35% TVAAS measure, totaling 100%.  

·         The observation scores have been completed for all teachers

·         The 35% TVAAS score was uploaded directly from the state on June 15.  If you taught in a tested subject area, your growth measure score was an individual teacher-effect score. If you taught in a non-tested subject area or grade, or if you are an administrator, your growth measure score was a school-wide, literacy or numeracy value added composite score.     


All teachers can now view their scores on the RANDA site, and final scores are posted for the majority of teachers.  Administrators/supervisors will host  summative conferences in August to finalize the 11-12 school year evaluation process.


For teachers who selected a 15% Achievement measures with a later reporting period, such as ACT or graduation rates, scores will not be available until August, and even as late as February for CTE graduation.  Those teachers will still see an incomplete score report on the RANDA site. Summative conferences for those teachers  will be held after those 15% achievement scores are received and entered into the RANDA site.


The TEA has provided multiple tools to assist educators in navigating the new evaluation process.  Please refer to the documents below for excellent Evaluation Tips as well as important tools for documentation: