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TEA Teaching and Learning Symposium

TEA's Teaching and Learning Symposium is an annual two day instruction and professional development event and is designed to provide a challenging and invigorating experience for educators who want to strengthen their teaching performance through the creation and maintenance of professional learning. This Symposium attracts more than 300 educators each year and is an excellent opportunity to attend quality professional development sessions, enjoy keynote speakers, and spend time with fellow educators from across the state. It is an unparalleled opportunity to hone skills that impact today's educators and students.

Symposium attendees will choose from numerous concurrent sessions on improving instruction with topics such as accommodations for accessibility, teaching foundational literacy skills, blended learning, a non-traditional approach for managing student discipline, ethics and professionalism. There will also be group specific sessions as follows:

  • Administrators will focus on the role that both teachers and administrators play in understanding language diversity in the classroom, and also gain insight on the characteristics administrators need to have in order to secure positive outcomes for students.
  • Early Career Educators (ECEs) are invited to participate in an open discussion exclusively for educators within the first five years of their career. You will have an opportunity to ask panelists all of your burning questions about these early years of your career, self-care tips from those who have been in your shoes and advice on how to be a strong advocate for your students and your profession. 
  • Educational Support Professionals (ESPs) session will explore the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child campaign. The WSCC campaign is an innovative approach to engage the larger community ensuring students are safe, healthy, supported, challenged and engaged. The invaluable work of ESPs reaches the whole child daily. We will explore how to expand resources to ensure our ESP are further supported in this meaningful work.
  • Experienced classroom teachers will learn about the four parts of the self-reflection continuum, self-assess where they are, and commit to actions for routinely thinking about their practice. After learning about the continuum, participants will be taken through a four-step reflection cycle adapted just for educators which could be used to improve student outcomes.
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The non-refundable registration fee includes all symposium activities, related materials and meals. Pricing is as follows:

  • $60 for TEA members
  • $120 for non-members
  • $50 for TEA members with 1-3 years of experience or those who are STEA members

PLEASE NOTE: Any registration that does not include payment of the non-refundable registration fee will be considered invalid.