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TEA Local Association Human Relations Award

The TEA Local Association Human Relations Award is presented to the local association that develops and carries out an outstanding, continuing human relations program.

The award is open to all local associations that have a social justice committee registered with the Tennessee Education Association.

Procedures For Nomination
Every association that submits a nomination for the TEA Local Association Human Relations Award shall present the following information:

  1. Association activities undertaken to achieve the established goals.
  2. The materials may be in writing, printed, or typewritten. All written and printed material must be submitted in a portfolio with durable binding. In the event that audiovisual materials; such as, well documented tapes, films, recordings, and other types of material have been part of your human relations program, these materials are welcome and should be submitted with the descriptive materials.
  3. Newspaper clippings, testimonial letters from individuals or businesses (limit 10) and similar materials should be used to support your nomination.
  4. All entries must be sent to:  

         TEA Racial and Social Justice Committee
         Tennessee Education Association
         801 Second Avenue North
         Nashville, TN 37201-1099

    All nominations and supporting materials must be postmarked or marked for shipment on or before February 2. 


  5. Winners will be notified and the presentation of the award will be made to the association at the TEA Representative Assembly.

    Criteria for judging a local association for the TEA Human Relations Award:

                                Content of Activities                50%
                                Effectiveness of Activities        30%
                                Display of Materials                20%


Definition of Terms:

  1. Content of Activities and Programs:
    The entry should show materials that point up to the involvement of an individual or an association in human relations programs and activities on a continuing basis.

  2. Effectiveness of Activities and Programs:
    This covers the outcome, results, or impact of the individuals' or association's activities.

  3. Display of Materials:
           a)   Artistic effect
           b)   Neatness
           c)   All entries must be submitted in scrapbook form.

Human Relations Award Criteria for an Educator or Layperson