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Sign up for the Teacher Leader Network (TLN)

The TEA Instructional Advocacy unit is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted from TEA members interested in serving on the statewide Teacher Leader Network (TLN). TEA is seeking individuals to fill a much needed role in the local and state organization. Selected members from across the state will participate in our Teacher Leader Organizer (TLO) training and become members of the TLN. These individuals will assist their local association and TEA in building a network of teacher leader organizers for the purpose of taking back our profession and positioning the organization to impact the learning lives of our students and the professional lives of our educators.

This opportunity is ideal for persons interested in working with their association to engage in organizing around professional issues that impact our work with students. The TLN is an association-led initiative to respond to members’ interests and to the need to lead the teaching profession as it undergoes enormous change.  Any TEA member is eligible to apply or nominate another TEA member.

Members of the TLN will focus primarily on instruction and professional development, identify instructional areas of concern, and work with the local leadership team to impact instructional change. They may be called upon to share their expertise with a colleague. They may be responsible for sharing instructional resources with members. Or they may gather data about an issue such as excessive testing or lack of planning time, and assist the association in creating a plan of action to address the issue.

If selected, members will be expected to attend and successfully complete TLN orientation that is tentatively scheduled for February 6 – 7, 2015, in Nashville.  Upon being trained, TLN members must make a commitment to:

  • Attend future TEA events involving TLOs
  • Build a learning community of building-level TLOs across the districts
  • Deliver professional development sessions on behalf of TEA throughout Tennessee each year
  • Recruit new members to the Association

The application should be completed and returned on or before January 30, 2015 to Deborah Bonner.