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Effective Meetings

Keep these guidelines for effective meetings in mind:

  • Plan each meeting with your officers, executive committee, and UniServ coordinator.

  • Begin and end at the announced time.

  • Hold the meeting in an appropriate facility (i.e. size, furniture arrangement, central location) to the purpose of the meeting.

  • Consider serving light refreshments.

  • Distribute a printed agenda, in advance if possible.

  • Conduct business meetings using parliamentary procedure.

  • State the purpose of the meeting at its beginning.

  • Keep the meeting moving, presiding confidently and enthusiastically.

  • Make sure everyone who has responsibilities during the meeting is well-prepared and knows what is expected.

  • Speak clearly and ask participants to speak clearly, using a microphone if necessary.

  • Listen with respect and appreciation to all ideas, drawing out diverse opinions.

  • Allow only one participant to speak at a time, limiting private conversations among participants.

  • Avoid talking to individuals while presiding.

  • Call attention to unresolved questions for further study or action by the body.

  • Don't argue with a speaker. Provide factual information to speakers when asked.

  • Know when to conclude a meeting, at or before the announced time. If additional meeting(s) are necessary to conclude the business, schedule them before the meeting adjourns.



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