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TEA Logo for Printing Presses

CMYK Color, Resolution Independent (EPS) (258k)
Spot Color, Resolution Independent (EPS) (258k)
Grayscale, Resolution Independent (EPS) (258k)

NOTE1: When saving this file, use the .eps file name extension. You may have to manually type in this extension.

NOTE2: When .eps files above are opened in a software program other than Adobe Illustrator, the background will be white and no longer transparent. This does not affect the logo itself.


TEA Logo for Laser Printers and Inkjets

Color, 3" Wide at 300DPI (BMP) (1245k)
Grayscale, 3" Wide at 300DPI (BMP) (416k)


TEA Logo for Web

Color, 150 Pixels Wide at 72DPI (GIF) (3k)
Color, 250 Pixels Wide at 72DPI (GIF) (6k)
Color, 600 Pixels Wide at 72DPI (Photoshop PSD) (216k)


Notes on Usage:

  1. If you know how to use Photoshop and need a clipped version of the logo to place on your existing artwork, please import the Spot Color EPS into Photoshop and manipulate as necessary.
  2. If you want to use a background color other than white on the web graphic, please use the Photoshop color logo for web and resize as necessary.
  3. Approved colors for the logo are as follows:
    Pantone Spot Colors: PMS 485 (red), PMS 287 (blue)
    CMYK Equivalents: C0  M100  Y91  K0 (red), C100  M69  Y0  K11 (blue)
    RGB Equivalents: R254  G0  B11 (red), R11  G45  B132 (blue)
    Web Safe Colors: #FF0000 (red), #003399 (blue)


TEA Style and Usage Guide (PDF)

Branded Local Logos (Shows local logo versions and the logo request procedure.)


NOTE3: Use of local logos is governed by the same branding guidelines and usage parameters as the use of TEA's logo because they are copyrighted. All locals should download the entire TEA Style & Usage Guide above and follow all guidelines.

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