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TEA FCPE: The Defense of Public Schools

The Tennessee Education Association Fund for Children and Public Education is the defense fund for public schools in our state. Created and supported by Tennessee’s teachers, the TEA-FCPE endorses and supports pro-public education candidates for state offices.

Tennessee’s public schools are the bedrock of our communities and state – and they are under attack. Privatization groups are spending millions in our state to pass vouchers and other schemes that will steal precious funding from public schools and undermine the education system in our state. These out-of-state groups also back candidates who support their anti-public school agenda.

That is why it is important for Tennesseans to vote for TEA-FCPE endorsed candidates. Tennessee teachers know how important our schools are. That’s why we ask you to vote for legislative candidates that will support and defend our schools, especially in the upcoming party primaries.

When you see that TEA-FCPE endorsement, know this candidate is a pro-public school candidate.   

Click here to make a contribution to the TEA-FCPE to support pro-public education candidates!