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Professional Growth Topics


Effective Classroom Management 
This workshop is designed to look at the day-to-day role of the classroom teacher as a manager. As a classroom manager, teachers have been given discretionary power to allocate tasks to students, direct their behavior, and evaluate their performance. It is a program that affirms the fact that teachers are in charge of everything and everyone in the classroom. 
(All teachers, all grade levels)


Professionalism and Education: A Common Sense Approach 
This workshop will focus on what it means to look, interact and work like a professional. Participants will explore situations that might be encountered in the classroom, but may not have been presented in their formal teacher preparation program. This session will include numerous examples and scenarios to assist with making informed decisions about issues that occur in schools around professionalism. Participants will also learn about legal implications of certain aspects in the teaching profession and the choices they make when interacting with students, parents and colleagues. 
(Teachers, pre-service teachers and administrators)


Section 504 
In this session participants will develop an understanding of how IDEA and 504 relate in their application to students with disabilities. Learn to discriminate between students who qualify under IDEA and/or Section 504 as well as the process of qualifying a student under Section 504. 
(All teachers, all grade levels)


Teacher Evaluation: Nuts and Bolts 
Nuts and Bolts is designed to provide an overview of the policies, laws and state department guidance that governs the Tennessee evaluation requirements. Participants will review the process, minimum requirements, and timelines for all licensure levels. They will have an opportunity to evaluate potential grievances as defined by the evaluation process. Each participant will receive a complete handbook of governing documents, an evaluation tracking form, and a professionalism evidence tracking form. The session includes information pertaining to all approved models including TEAM, TEM 3.0, Project COACH, and TIGER.
(All teachers, all grade levels)


Teaching with Confidence: Preparing for Your First Teaching Assignment 
Since the most valuable planning time is between being hired and the opening day of school, participants will gain practical tips to help them prepare for their first year of teaching. Topics include:

  • Getting Started
  • Managing Time and Stress
  • Classroom Management
  • Working with Parents

(Pre-service teachers, all grade levels)  


Time Management 
This workshop's aim is to provide participants an opportunity to identify steps to effectively manage time in order to achieve greater control of and use of time in their professional and personal lives. It offers tips on organizing for more effective use of the classroom and instructional day in order for there to be more time for teaching and learning. 
(All teachers, all grade levels)