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TEA Op-ed: Praise Teachers

Public education reform has been a hot-button topic at both the state and federal levels for several years.  When the Bush Administration passed No Child Left Behind (NCLB), the plan called for every student in every public school achieving specific learning goals by 2014.  Since the passage of NCLB, we have seen an increase in standardized and high-stakes tests across the nation and here in Tennessee, since many reformers believe the only way to measure student achievement is through testing. 

Sometimes we get so focused on test scores we fail to see some very important truths:

Commissioner Proposes Changes to State Minimum Salary Schedule

The State Department of Education presented its plan for the 1.5 percent raise and proposed changes to the state minimum salary schedule at last week’s State Board of Education meeting.

As expected, the 1.5 percent salary increase in the governor’s budget will not be applied to the salary schedule, which would ensure that all teachers receive a raise. Instead, the funds will be given to the district as a sum of money for the local school board to apply as it sees fit.

TEA RA to Draw Hundreds of Educators

Hundreds of delegates from local affiliates across Tennessee and student chapters on college campuses are expected to attend the annual business meeting of the Tennessee Education Association set for May 10-11 at the Nashville Convention Center.  

Elections of NEA Director for Tennessee, TEA Middle TN Administrator Director and TCRS Board Representative for West TN top the agenda of the TEA Representative Assembly.  Elections will also be held for nine seats on the TEA Board of Directors and several other offices. 

Three Local Associations Successful in Building Support for TEA Legislation

Over the last two months, the Coffee County, Franklin County and Manchester City Education Associations have each been individually working with their members to form advocacy teams. These advocacy teams were created to think through clear, concrete steps that local members can take to work towards a common goal that will advance their vision for public education.

TEA Rally Update: Changes to House Committee Schedule

The House Education Committee has changed its meeting schedule for the week of April 1. The committee is now scheduled to meet on Tuesday at 8:30 a.m., and Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. The House Education Subcommittee has closed for the session and will no longer be meeting.

TEA still plans to host its final "Educators' Day on the Hill" rally on Tuesday, April 2. In addition to scheduled 9:30 briefing and shuttle to the hill, we will also provide transportation to the 8:30 a.m. committee meeting for those of you who are able to arrive earlier.

Test Time in TN is Fast Approaching

In the weeks to come schools will be conducting TCAP assessments.  It’s a tense time for everyone, and teachers should be sensitive to issues such as student special needs, testing environment and security.  When a violation is suspected, from teacher or student, officials must report it to the state so it’s important to follow all procedures.  Systems also have their own policies in place that expand state guidelines and teachers are required to know what procedures will be used in their school.

Consider these ideas to assist you in preparing your students: