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Future Teachers Rebuild Outdoor Classroom in Nashville

Tennessee’s future teachers took school improvement into their own hands with a first annual service project at John Early Middle School in Nashville on Friday, Sept. 25.

“Student TEA members from every part of our state gathered at John Early Middle School to make over an outdoor classroom,” said STEA President Raymond Boyd. “While some people talk about improving teaching and learning conditions at schools, we’re doing something about it.”

New kindergarten standards and portfolio need teacher guidance

Educators question age-appropriateness of new ELA demands. With new math standards being developed, TEA works for teachers to have their say

Kindergarten teachers across the state have been dealing with a new portfolio and student standards. For many teachers the changes came as a surprise after the hard work to implement the previous standards and portfolio system. 

TEA lawsuit challenges state board overreach on licensure rule

Association continues to fight inappropriate state board licensure rules

TEA has filed a lawsuit against the State board of Education on behalf of a member as it continues to object to the board’s proposed massive overreach in teacher licensure rules, expanding the board’s power to overrule local boards and suspend or dismiss teachers. 

The lawsuit asserts the state board has no statutory authority to create a rule to revoke or suspend a teacher’s license for misconduct.