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Future Teachers Rebuild Outdoor Classroom in Nashville

Tennessee’s future teachers took school improvement into their own hands with a first annual service project at John Early Middle School in Nashville on Friday, Sept. 25.

“Student TEA members from every part of our state gathered at John Early Middle School to make over an outdoor classroom,” said STEA President Raymond Boyd. “While some people talk about improving teaching and learning conditions at schools, we’re doing something about it.”


With TEA support, legislators move quickly to safeguard students, teachers from TNReady failures

The General Assembly passed strong hold-harmless legislation for test data as TEA and parents across the state pushed for relief as TNReady continued to experience problems for another year.

“The legislature made sure students, teachers and schools were protected against the failures of TNReady,” said TEA lobbyist Jim Wrye. “They heard from their districts and they saw the problems, and in the waning days of the session took decisive action.”

TN teachers, students and parents are frustrated, lack confidence in TNReady

TEA and its members are extremely disappointed with the failures and delays of the state online assessment system, TNReady. TEA is calling for a full and accurate accounting of the problems and how they affect students, along with proof that the system is secure and fair to Tennessee’s parents and teachers. The association is calling on lawmakers to hold students, teachers and schools harmless in light of the failures and growing concerns of the state testing system.