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Raising the Dough: Sleeping and Sliding for a Good Cause

Naps, bathrobes, massages, karaoke—the wobble.

During difficult economic times, fundraising can be tough, and to meet the challenge, NEA members think outside the box in creative and innovative ways to recognize delegates’ voluntary contributions to its federal political action committee (PAC), the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education.

“In our caucus we noticed that a lot of our members like to take naps,” said Brittany Jones, an early elementary major at Virginia Commonwealth Universityin Richmond. “We have early morning meetings and we go all day long.”

As a result, the Student Virginia Education Association decided to recognize contributors with nap tickets in an effort to raise money for its caucus. A dollar a day “will get you a sticker to put on your name badge,” says Jones. “As long as we see you have a sticker, it covers you for that day, but we wake [delegates] up after a certain amount of time so that we can get them back involved in business.”

Napping was just one of the innovative ways that helped NEA members raise $1,046,705.57 to the NEA Fund at the Representative Assembly. Members contribute to the NEA Fund all year-long, supporting the election of pro-public education candidates. At NEA’s Representative Assembly, delegates go the extra mile to meet important yearly fundraising goals.

South in Tennessee, delegates did it a little differently as they danced for dollars.

Amanda Broach and Caryce Gilmore dance the wobble during the RA. The hip-hop dance was a caucus fundraiser.

The wobble? “It’s a lot of shaking,” said Caryce Gilmore, a member of the Student Tennessee Education Association. “It’s like an electric slide.”

Gilmore, a senior studying elementary education at the University of Tennessee at Martin, Tenn., realized the student members wouldn’t meet their fundraising goals without something a little fun and inventive. So student delegates decided to wobble—a repetitive line dance based on a song by hip-hop artist V.I.C.

“We had the blues because we hadn’t met the goal and the more theatrical we got, the more they would give” to the PAC, said Gilmore. “We said that we would wobble for funds and donations.”

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