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Many wins for teachers in 2012 legislative session

There were several major wins for teachers and TEA this legislative session. These issues include:

  • Passage of a bill to ensure that teacher evaluation ratings are not public records. (HB 1908/SB 1447)
  • Passage of additional funding for the BEP including a 2.5% salary increase for BEP funded teachers.  (HB 3835/SB 3768)

  • Passage of a bill to prevent abolition of position in order to avoid due process provisions of the tenure law.  (HB 2738/SB 2693)
  • Passage of a resolution to require broad-based input on possible changes to the teacher evaluation system.  (HJR 520)

  • Defeat of Gov. Haslam’s proposal to raise class size and eliminate the state teacher salary schedule.  In addition to raising class size, this proposal would have eliminated state funding for possibly hundreds of teaching positions. (HB 2348/SB 2210)
  • Defeat of a bill which would have allowed individuals who could pass a subject area test to be licensed as teachers.  (HB 3059/SB 2298)
  • Defeat of legislation which would have provided a dubious state-paid liability insurance policy for teachers. (HB 2170/SB 2478)
  • Defeat of a bill to mandate a statewide uniform school start date.  (HB 1805/SB 1471)
  • Defeat of a proposal which would have provided vouchers for private and parochial schools.  (HB 388/SB 485)

Thank you to those of you who contacted your legislators about these important issues. These successes demonstrate that together we can accomplish great things for public education.

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