Tennessee Education Association

Great Public Schools for All Students



As a member of TEA, you join more than 46,000 members — including public and private school educators, higher education faculty, support personnel, retired educators and students majoring in education. You are also a member of one of more than 150 local Associations in schools, universities, and other education work sites across Tennessee. And, you are a member of the three million-member National Education Association.

This three-way-partnership is the best way to deliver benefits, programs, and services of the highest quality to you. The Association's purpose at all three levels is to use the strength of our membership to address the needs and concerns of individual members, the education profession, and America's public schools.


NEA-Funded Programs

Below is a list of programs that benefit Tennessee teachers and students that are funded by over $1,000,000 returned to us from the National Education Association.


NEA also organizes members to contact Congress in order to keep and improve funding for vital federal programs. This year Tennessee schools received over $334,775,000 in federal funds. Programs such as Head Start, Title I, Special Education, Vocational Education and College Loans and Grants are currently facing budget cuts or abolition. It takes the collective voice of over three-million NEA members to keep these programs alive.


UniServ Program

There are 23 TEA UniServ staff members serving members and local associations across Tennessee. NEA provides training for UniServ staff on the latest developments in the education arena. NEA funds a significant portion of the program.

DuShane Legal Services Program

NEA pays almost half of legal costs in cases involving employment, and 100% of the total cost of federal court appeals. The amount varies from year to year depending upon the number of cases, but numbers in the tens of thousands.

Student Education Association

These funds are used to support student programs in local colleges and universities. They link education majors with practicing professionals and their communities.

Promoting Public Education From participation in national conferences, training opportunities, media relations information, and assistance with market research and public relations campaigns, NEA funds are crucial to TEA efforts.
Local Association Organizing

These funds are used for membership recruitment and grants to local affiliates. The Association Representative membership training program conducted during the summer is included in the funding.

Government Relations

These funds are used primarily to link members and locals with education policymakers at the state and national levels.

Instruction and Professional Development

These funds support the many professional development programs conducted by TEA in local associations. TEA staff are also trained by NEA.

Human and Civil Rights

Funding is used to assist minority leadership training and equal access activities.

Association Leadership Liability Insurance

NEA funds 30% of the cost of liability insurance coverage for local and state officers and staff. Professional liability insurance coverage for members is fully funded by NEA.


In addition to these earmarked funds, NEA regularly funds a variety of workshops and special projects for TEA members and local affiliates. Much of the new technology, compensation data and research we have at TEA is a result of NEA funds. In any given year, NEA members in Tennessee will receive several hundred thousand more dollars in benefits from the National Education Association than those outlined above.


For additional information on the Association and our programs, contact your local association president, TEA Board member or the TEA/NEA UniServ Coordinator assigned to your area.