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Monitoring Committee Work

The president must monitor the work of the committees, making sure that the objectives of the committee are clear, carefully selecting members of the committee, thoroughly orienting committee members, and rendering any assistance to make the committee function effectively. A successful committee cannot be appointed and then left alone.

The president, as an ex officio member of every committee, should meet with all committees periodically to ensure the group is working towards the previously enumerated objectives. The committee chairperson should make regular reports to the Executive Board.

The work of committees is ongoing. In order to provide records for future assignments, each committee should:

  • Select a long-term secretary

  • Keep records which include memoranda on all the meetings, considerations, recommendations, accomplishments, and problems for future study

  • Make progress reports to the membership

  • Make specific recommendations for action to the Executive Committee

  • Submit copies of the annual report to the local president, the secretary, and the newsletter committee, and place one in its own committee files

  • Keep a permanent file of committee activities by filing written reports at the end of each year. These reports should include recommendations for what should be done next year, and they should be used as a guide for future committee activity.

  • Channel all records, reports, and file of materials to the next year's committee. Periodically the chairpersons of all committees should meet with the president and/or Executive Committee to report on the group's work.
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