Tennessee Education Association

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Committee Member Survey

Ask your members to complete the survey listed to below to get a list of people with specific skills need by the association. You may be surprised by the results and your members may be surprised at how many ways they can help.


_______________________ Education Association


Name _______________________________     School ________________________________


Address ______________________________________________________________________


Home Phone Number _______________    Email _____________________________________


Number in order of preference (1, 2, 3) the three tasks you would like to perform to help your association achieve its goals. If you choose number 15, please list talent.


_________ 1. Writing (newspaper articles, interschool communications, etc.)

_________ 2. Typing

_________ 3. Attending monthly Board of Education meetings

_________ 4. Attending meetings of city and county governing bodies

_________ 5. Representing association at regional meetings, state meetings, etc.

_________ 6. Researching (data to be used in negotiations)

_________ 7. Compiling statistics

_________ 8. Telephoning (primarily to remind citizens to vote)

_________ 9. Driving citizens to polls

_________10. Disseminating information door to door to citizens

_________11. Collecting (surveying teachers for information, etc.)

_________12. Picking up or delivering materials from school to school

_________13. Designing and making posters

_________14. Taking pictures (for publicity in your school)

_________15. Performing: Talent__________________________

_________16. Speaking at public forums, etc.

_________17. Shopping for gifts

_________18. Miscellaneous

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