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The president should construct an agenda for each meeting and inform participants (in advance, if possible) of what the meeting will deal with. When constructing an agenda, consider where to put the most important items, the pace of the meeting, whether to put action or information items first, and who will handle each agenda item.

If your local does not have an established order for business meetings, try this one:

  • Call to order: "The meeting will please come to order."

  • Adopt the agenda, with flexibility. Ask participants if they have items to add to the agenda.

  • Approve the minutes: "Are there any corrections to the printed minutes?"

  • Reports of officers and standing committees. Officers and committees should report in the order in which they are mentioned in the constitution or bylaws of the organization.

  • Reports of special committees.

  • Unfinished business: "Is there any unfinished business to come before the meeting?"

  • New business: "Is there any new business to come before the meeting?"

  • Program. Special presentations by speakers or groups on topics of interests not requiring action by the body.

  • Adjournment.