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Welcome to the Williamson County Education Association

The Williamson County Education Association exists to work for the welfare of children,   the advancement of education, and the improvement of instructional opportunities for all.

Our aim is to unite and strengthen the teaching profession and to secure and maintain economic and professional security for our members.



A Message from our WCEA President, Kevin King:

Just recently, Channel 4 News reported this to be the Year of the Teacher.

It makes me wonder – have they not been watching what has been happening for the past 5 years?

Were they watching when :

Teachers were stripped of their negotiations?

Many years ago teachers made many concessions to be granted negotiations only to have them stripped away and replaced by Collaborative Conferencing.  Many across the state have made the best of it, including our own Williamson County teams – but not all counties and districts across the state can say the same.  What a huge step BACKWARDS for the teachers of Tennessee.

Teachers had a new evaluation system forced upon them?

A system based on a math formula that has recently been proven invalid was touted to help our state Race to the Top while it was truly a Race for the Money, and of the $400 million awarded, half of the money can not be accounted for.  And if you were wondering how TN did in the RACE – we fell below Mississippi in per pupil expenditures from 49th to 50th.

Teachers now must work 5 years for tenure instead of 3

There is a great confusion over the true definition of tenure.  Let me be clear – tenure is merely due process – it does not mean “a job for life” or “impossible to fire a teacher.”   It has always been a hot topic when politicians discuss education, and it will continue to be the same until the politicians truly educate themselves on the FACTS about tenure.

Teachers had their governor promise a pay increase – only to be told “not this year.” 

It will be something to see if he doesn’t follow through this year??  Maybe he could look for the $200 million missing from our failed Race to the Top.  In a state where only 25% of the population has a degree, it is clear that education is not valued by the current TN leadership.  This is the same leadership that attempted a merit pay system without adding funding.  Tennessee had a merit pay system with then Governor Lamar Alexander’s Career Ladder program was put into place – only to be shut down due to a lack of funding.

Teachers had their licenses threatened by an extremely unsupportive commissioner of education.

When even the commissioner of education does not value higher degrees and experience – what kind of leadership is truly being provided for the state?  Many are excited with Candice McQueen taking the helm.  It could be an easy job - if you think about it.  If she works to support teachers and honor the education profession as diligently as her predecessor did to destroy the same, she should be successful.

Year of the Teacher?!?!?!?!?!?!?        I hope so.  


Kevin King



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