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We have received more information on the potential changes to the insurance benefits package. 

The following Hospitals would be out of network under the proposed changes:

St. Thomas West, St.Thomas Midtown-Baptist, and Murfreesboro Medical. 

The proposed changes are outlined below:

Change the network from OAP to Local Plus.  

a) St. Thomas (West, Midtown – Baptist, and Murfreesboro Medical) would be out of network

b) Ascension Physician Network will be out of network

c) Baptist Health Group would be out of network

d) Murfreesboro Medical Group would be out of network

Four changes to Pharmacy benefits were proposed:

a. Exclude 2 drug classes that have moved to “over the counter” status & removes certain high costs drugs 

b. Step therapy – promotes use of clinically proven (trying less expensive drugs vs. the higher cost of other medicines 

c. Limited National Networks – three different options

i. No Walgreens

ii. No CVS

iii. No Walgreens or CVS

d. Specialty Pharmacy Utilization Management – limit those drugs that cost $600.00 or more a month for more than 30 days.  As an example a cancer drug that costs $1000.00 a dose would be limited to a 30 day supply.


 Changing the working spouse rule.  The suggested changes are below:

a. Increase the monthly surcharge for covering spouses that have insurance available at their job. It is currently $100 per month.

b. Remove the employees who were grandfathered that covered their spouses prior to 1/1/07

c. Make all spouses ineligible that have access to insurance at work

d. Allow employees to opt out of insurance and give them $100.00 month incentive for each month of non-enrollment.

The Purchasing and Insurance committee will meet TUESDAY, MAY 24 to vote on the recommendations of the Purchasing and Insurance Committee. I urge all employees to contact the members of the Purchasing and Insurance Committee to express your concerns with these possible changes to our benefit package. 

Do you have physicians and specialists in the St. Thomas Network, Ascension Physicians Network, or Murfreesboro Medical Group  you don't want to lose? 

Do you live outside of the county where access to the remaining network hospital facilities will be limited in your area?

Do you have a spouse under our current plan who is employed elsewhere and therefore could lose coverage under our plan or be forced to pay $1200+ dollars more each year for coverage here. 

Do you worry about losing access to pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS that are open late?

Time is short for us to communicate our concerns. Please do not delay. Below is contact information for members of the Purchasing Insurance Committee.

Let your voice be heard!

Purchasing & Insurance Committee Members

Mayor Rogers Anderson 

Paul Webb 

Brian Beathard 

Sherri Clark 

Matt Williams 

A link for contact information for Members of the full Williamson County Commission