Human Relations Committee

The duties of the Human Relations Committee are to: 

  • Selects and nominates Tennesseans for NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards

  • Works with world concerns activities in development and/or implementation of international education programs

  • Recommends ways for TEA to encourage "all inclusiveness" in association activities, including the involvement of higher education, educational support, student, and retired members

  • Stimulates interest in workshops or training activities for local association activities

  • Recommends ways for TEA to encourage cooperation between and among its various affiliates and members

  • Increases awareness among all educators in the state of the Tennessee Education Congress, a forerunner of the current TEA

  • Publicizes Education International, its activities and programs

  • Involves interested associations in promoting international projects

  • Suggests ways of creating an awareness of international concerns and needs of educators and students

  • Recommends nominees to receive the E. Harper Johnson Human Relations Awards, the TEA Local Association Human Relations Awards


Staff Liaisons:

     Teresa Turner
     Jeff Garrett