Who can you call when you were just notified that first thing tomorrow morning you have a meeting with irate parents and the principal?

You have a question about your certification or licensure and need help. Who can you call?


You are overwhelmed with managing time, paperwork and your class is the wildest group you have ever had. Who can you call?


If you have problems with the local SCEA contract, or your rights and benefits under the laws, school board policies, etc. Who can you call?


In addition to the SCEA Officers, staff, and your building representative, you have an additional valuable resource in your TEA/NEA staff person, Art Patterson. His phone number is 615-907-9912. To get answers to the questions above, call your Professional organization, SCEA/TEA/NEA. Having someone to call when you have a question or concern is a valuable service provided through your membership. You don’t have to be alone at those scary meetings; when you’re in class, you can have a staff person help with your certification questions; when you need ideas to improve your teaching, TEA has a wonderful Professional Development team that offers workshops in a variety of areas.