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The WCEA PECCA team proposes a 5% raise for teachers. 

RATIONALE: The system continues to be the best in the state. The school system, the county government, the chamber of commerce, and the community at large continually promote the successes of the system and directly relate the ongoing economic prosperity of our county to these successes.  Despite all the accolades, WCS teacher salaries continue to lag behind other systems.

The governor has expressed a commitment to raise salaries and has proposed sending additional monies to the district for salaries for 2017-18.  In addition to these monies,  the Governor’s budget proposal fully funds the BEP Growth Formula.


The 2016-17 school year saw a problem arise with how raises are applied to teachers with more than 15 years of experience who are paid on the BS New Hire line. The need to correct this problem moving forward exists. As a result of our internal discussions, the WCEA PECCA Team proposes the elimination of the BS New Hire Line. This line creates second-class citizens of employees hired after July 2014. For teachers with more than 15 years of experience paid on the grandfathered BS line, the BSNH line communicates that the district believes them to be overpaid. 

MOU LANGUAGE CHANGES - New Language Is In Bold & Hi-Lited

Section 9.2 Load

a. The daily teaching load for full-time educators in the senior high school shall not be more than 5 teaching periods in a 6-period day or 6 teaching periods in a 7-period day. The teaching load for full-time educators in senior high schools operating under a Board-approved rotation system shall not exceed the equivalent of 5 teaching periods in a 6-period day or 6 teaching periods in a 7-period day during the cycle of rotation.


a.   Senior high educators shall not be required to teach in more than three subject areas with a total of three teaching preparations, except in the case of extreme emergencies.  Such cases shall be approved by the Director of Schools. The approval must be accompanied by a written plan, submitted to the Board, to remove the hardship teaching assignment.


Section 9.3 Planning Time

a. The Board shall provide each elementary and middle school educator with 225 minutes planning time per week with no period less than 30 consecutive minutes per day. This planning time should be protected from any other school responsibilities.

b. The Board shall provide each high school educator with a Daily Planning Period equivalent in length to a Daily Teaching Period at his/her particular High School.  This planning time should be protected from any other school responsibilities.

c. Beginning with the 2018-19 calendar, the Administrative Day immediately prior to the first day of school for students each semester shall be designated as a day for teachers to prepare for instruction in their respective rooms. There shall be no meetings called by central office staff, school administrators, or any employee association during the regular school hours on this day.

d. Upon request by the Chief Employee Representative, a Planning Period Committee shall be established consisting of 3 members appointed by the Association and 3 members recommended by the Director of Schools and approved by the Board. This committee will meet to review any teacher’s schedule which does not include the planning period requirements set forth in 9.2(a) and (b) or 9.3(a) and (b) in an effort to find alternatives and to propose solutions to the Director of Schools.

Section 9.4  Duty-Free Lunch

a. Included in the 7.5 hour work day, all educators shall have duty-free lunch time during the regular school day. This lunch period shall be a minimum of 25 minutes. equal to the amount of time given to their students for lunch.

b. Educators may be required to escort their students to and from the dining area.

c. Educators will be assigned no other duties during this time.



Section 10.5 Personnel File

A teacher may submit a written request for the removal of negative material contained in his/her personnel file that is more than 5 years old. Removal of material is subject to the approval of the superintendent.

Section 10.6  Employee Rights

Nothing contained herein shall act to limit an educator’s rights under the Grievance Procedure of this Contract. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to limit the rights and obligations of the educators and the Director of Schools under the dismissal procedures of T.C.A. §§49-5-511, 49-5-512 and related law. The provisions of this article do not apply to investigations under Board Policy 5.500, Anti-harassment.



Teachers will dress professionally and in accordance with their job responsibilities.


Teachers are professionals and want to be treated as such. As a whole, educational professionals know the appropriate dress for their work environment.  We believe the administration should address inappropriate dress by professionals on an individual basis as opposed to imposing specific, narrow rules of dress on everyone. The large majority of educators dress professionally and appropriately for their assigned daily activities. 

We believe our language treats professionals as professionals, and doesn't open the door to size, gender or sexual discrimination. It also protects the building administrator so that he/she only has to react to inappropriate dress.