In order to support and encourage each other better in the Franklin Special School District Education Association, we have moved to a team approach rather than the traditional organization of officers. Please review the teams below and decide which team would be a fit for you! We will no longer have regularly scheduled "monthly meetings," but only have each team meet as an issue arises. 


Team 1: Benefits and Proposals: 

Contact: Diana Siepel (FES)

            This group of teachers will be our voice when it comes to benefits suggestions and writing proposals for our Board to consider. This is the area that has advocated for things such as: free tuition for       employees of the district, tuition reimbursement, more bereavement days, etc. 

Team 2: Legislative Contact:

Contact: Elisa Baughman (FMS)

            This group will meet when our local board, state board, or our legislators are voting on educational issues. This team will send emails and make phone calls to make sure that teachers' voices are heard. 

Team 3: Leadership Team:

Contact: Dinah Wade (JES)

           This team will take care of the association's financial realm, school contacts, web site, and communications to the association. 

Team 4: Membership Services:

Contact: Cynthia Moulthrop (FIS)

           This team will organize any social events (retired teachers brunch, new teacher luncheon, etc.), recruit new members, and help with member representation.