About REA


What does REA do for you?




  1. Constant Updates during the legislative session through Legislative Contact Team, Facebook, Twitter, Web Page, local presidents and UniServ Coordinators.
  2. Tuesday Report to member home email addresses to keep members on the cutting edge of changes to laws, policies and state mandates.
  3. Microsite web site service to establish, train and monitor local websites in every TEA affiliate.
  4. Emails and Texts with updates from and through UniServ Coordinators to bring members the latest news.
  5. TEA Web Site “MemberCenter
  6. Numerous Publications: TEACH, COMPASS, NEA Today, etc.




  1. Every member has the opportunity to hold office at the local, state and national levels and would be elected by the members not appointed.
  2. Local leaders trained by TEA staff to enforce and process grievances and complaints at the local building level.
  3. Local, State and National Boards of Directors making the decisions for your Association, elected by members and serving members.


Government Relations


  1. Face to Face meetings and contacts with legislators to promote your legislative agenda and concerns.
  2. Member Legislative Contact Team (LCT) locally connected with every legislator, communicating with the legislator on your concerns, and reporting back to local members on their legislator’s positions and votes.
  3. Members working together to identify and elect education friendly legislators through the support and training by TEA staff.
  4. Through Collective Member Action, working to repeal or modify education laws at the state and national level.  NCLB, PECCA, Tenure, At Will Employees, IDEA, etc. 


Collective Member Action


  1. TEA Member Rally at Capitol Hill, locally sponsored rallies
  2. TEA President and GR staff testifying numerous times on members behalf before the General Assembly and the State Board to impact legislators and legislation. 
  3. TEA Members and Staff attending all legislative sessions
  4. Legislative Contacts directly to Legislators through the TEA Website, emails, letters, local newspaper articles, interviews through local media outlets
  5. Local member meetings with legislators
  6. NEA officers and Executive Board members visiting TN, meeting and supporting members


  1. 55,000 + members fighting collectively to protect teacher rights, benefits and the teaching profession.
  2. TEA Staff on Capitol Hill every day of the Legislative Session
  3. GREAT Team report weekly on all actions and activities related to education
  4. Political Academy to train and assist local leaders with strategies and techniques for grass roots organizing.


Instruction and Professional Development


  1. Provides members with facts on the new evaluation, with tips and tools for completing a successful evaluation cycle.
  2. Testified, monitored, attended, participated in and represented members at all TEAC meetings during the development of the new evaluation program. 
  3. Appointed members to  the TEAC subcommittees to impact evaluation outcomes.
  4. Attend and monitor all State Board meetings to have direct member input on policies.
  5. Assists members directly with questions relating to TVASS, new evaluation grievance procedure/appeals, and licensure.
  6. Hosts professional development workshops at the local level and coming through webinars and online training.
  7. National Board Certification training and support.


Legal Services


  1. Files litigation on behalf of local associations and individual members when their rights have been violated, reimbursed expenses from NEA.
  2. Four full time attorneys working only for TEA members to defend our members under dismissal, suspension and the appeal process of the new evaluation system.
  3. Analyzes local BOE policies, contracts, and actions for the local Associations.
  4. Assists and advises local associations and leadership on legal issues impacting  their organizational rights and benefits
  5. Conducts member workshops on Tenure, Social Networking, Basics of School Law, and Educator Professionalism.




  1. Full time staff in every local school system, trained and knowledgeable on current instructional practices and policies, member advocacy and education laws enacted at the local, state, and national levels. (UniServ Salaries paid in large part by NEA dues)
  2. Offices across the state ready to assist individual members as needed through building visits, representation, phone consultations, and one-on-one meetings.
  3. Works directly with local leaders on a daily basis advising, counseling, training, supporting, advocating and assisting with association needs.
  4. Serves as a liaison between the individual member and their organization as a whole.


Member Benefits


  1. MAP Program (Member Assistance Program) free counseling services for members and their families;
  2. Substance Abuse, Marital, Stress, Financial Stress, Dealing with Troubled Teens. 
  3. 1-800-707-8882 and located in the back of TEA Association Guide/Calendar.
  4. Liability Policy of $1,000,000, which exceeds the maximum payout of $750,000 for awards from liability lawsuits in the state of Tennessee.
  5. Access Discount Buying Program
  6. Free workshops and conferences to members
  7. Scholarships, Grants and Awards programs for members
  8. Don Sahli-Kathy Woodall awards up to 8 annually; seven undergraduate and one graduate

b.   Tennessee Space Week grants




  1. Assists locals with developing online surveys.
  2. Gathers and distributes to local leaders documents submitted to the State Department from local Boards of Education.
  3. With locally elected TEA members, attends and monitors Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System meetings and publications.


Only by standing together & standing strong can we ensure the success of our students and the very survival of public education.


The Rutherford Education Association serves as your voice in public education.  Our office is located at 232 Heritage Park Drive, Suite 101 in Murfreesboro, TN. Call us at 615-893-0322.  We truly look forward to serving you and Rutherford County's students.