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License expiring?

Stay on top of requirements, earn PDPs with TEA trainings

When it is time to renew your teaching license, don’t get caught unprepared at the last minute.

A teacher’s license is up for renewal every three to six years depending on the type of license, but the expiration date is always August 31 of the designated year (Visit www.teateachers.org/License for a full explanation).

“August is hard enough on teachers. The last thing we want is for a member to realize their license is about to expire in a matter of days,” said Rhonda Thompson, TEA Instructional Advocacy coordinator. “Log into TNCompass to double check your expiration date and your number of PDPs, and make sure you are intentional about scheduling professional development. TEA offers a number of in-person and online opportunities for members to earn PDPs throughout the year, often at no cost to them.”

The Tennessee General Assembly and State Board of Education are known to make changes to licensure requirements. The latest changes went into effect in September 2015. 

“It is important for teachers to read the communications they receive from the state and from the association. This will keep them up-to-date on the latest requirements for license renewal,” Thompson said. “Teachers may apply for renewal up to one year in advance of their license expiration date. To avoid being impacted by new laws or policies passed in the final year before renewal, TEA encourages members to apply for renewal as soon as they are eligible.”
Teachers also have the opportunity to add new endorsements to their license based on specific trainings, course work and experience. 

The state website (www.tn.gov/education/section/licensing) and TN Compass (www.tncompass.org) are important resources for teachers to check regularly.

“It is the teacher’s responsibility to make sure their PDPs are showing up in TN Compass and counting appropriately,” Thompson said. “Teachers have to pay attention. Know your license expiration date. Know how many PDPs you have earned. This is important stuff. Your career is literally at stake.”

TEA members with licensing questions should contact their UniServ coordinator.

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