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We need every educator who can come to the Capitol on Tuesday, March 19!

Register now: TEAteachers.org/Civication

THE TWO BIGGEST THREATS to public education in Tennessee -- vouchers & radical charter expansion bills, will be up for vote in legislative committees next week. We are asking every educator to come to Civication March 18*-19 to fight these terrible bills. 

* TEA will pay mileage for everyone coming to Civication. If you live 50 miles or more away from Nashville, we'll set up hotel rooms for Monday night, March 18 (with double member occupancy, or for a small fee if you need a separate room). Bring your families, make it an outing and let's WIN THIS THING! 

If you live in or close to Nashville, plan to arrive at TEA (801 2nd Ave. North) by 7:30 am Tuesday, March 19, in time for free breakfast and briefing (park for free at TEA). We'll take a shuttle to Cordell Hull building together and will provide free lunch. 

Register now: TEAteachers.org/Civication

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