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Educators encouraged to take reconstituted Department of Ed survey

After hundreds of TEA members and parents took issue with a public survey sponsored by the state department of education, loaded and leading questions have been removed and the survey reconstituted. 

Removed survey questions referred to summer school or extended days in 2020 or 2021, who is ultimately responsible for catching students up and how many months it will take to do so. These questions led many to assume policy decisions have been made.

Also, it is a stressful time for teachers, students and parents alike. Navigating each day is difficult enough without having to think about major policy decisions going forward or believe those decisions have already been made. 

The reconstituted survey can be found here and it is open to the public through April 13. TEA recommends all members take the survey, which now focuses on distance learning and priorities for the $260 million in emergency federal funds. A possible use of one-time relief funds not listed in the survey is to hold on to them to ensure schools open in the fall. With revenue plummeting, Tennessee may need every school funding dollar it can get. 

TEA has had a survey up and running since March 24, and the association published its first week's findings on Thursday, April 2. You can find the results here.

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